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SBI Simply Click Credit Card Review, features and benefits

SimplyCLICK SBI Credit Card is an entry-level online shopping credit card. This Credit card is designed to meet the aspiration of young card holders who enjoy to shop online using SBI Simply CLICK credit card. SBI Simply click credit card helps to save each time you spend with Simply click SBI Credit card.

SBI Simply SAVE is also an entry-level card from the issuer. However, it focuses on offline costs, whereas SBI SimplyCLICK on online purchasing.

SBI Simply Click Credit Card

SBI Simply click credit card is an exclusive online shopping credit card, moreover it offers decent reward points across all spends with extra earning on online spends and even better rewards with SBI Cards exclusive partners. Apollo 24×7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Dominos, Myntra, Netmeds, Swiggy and Yatra are exclusive SBI Cards exclusive partners. SBI SimplyCLICK credit card is a good option if you are looking for rewarding credit card with low joining and annual fee. to understand the offers and feature of SBI click credit card read detailed SimplyCLICK SBI Card review below:

  • 1. SBI Simply CLICK credit card eligibility
  • 2. SBI Simply CLICK credit card charges
  • 3. SBI Simply CLICK Credit Card Benefits and Features
  • 4. SBI Simply CLICK credit card reward points
  • 5. SBI Simply CLICK Credit Card Review & Summary

1. SBI Simply CLICK credit card eligibility

SBI Simply click credit card is a simple credit card designed with focus on online purchases. This card offers you to earn substantial rewards on your online purchases. Below are the eligibility criteria for SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

– Age limit – Minimum 21 Years and Maximum 70 Years.
– Nationality – Applicant should be Indian citizen
– Income Profile – Salaried or Self-Employed individuals.
– Income Criteria – Salaried income of above 20000 and Self-employed applicant should have annual income tax returns above Rs. 3 Lakhs

Documents Required to apply for Simply CLICK SBI card

Applicant can apply for credit card using their income documents, Address proof, Identity Proof, and latest bank statements.

1. Income document: latest salary slips for salaried profile, audited financial report including Income tax returns for self-employed person.
2. Identity Documents: PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card, or Passport are accepted identity proof documents.
3. Address Documents: Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Utility bill, Passport or Driving License are widely accepted address proof documents

SBI simply click credit card maximum limit is subject to approval from SBI Cards based on financial eligibility as per policy. While apply for this credit card, you need to meet the eligibility criteria and regulations stipulated by the SBI.

Simply Click Credit Card Apply Now

2. SBI Simply CLICK credit card charges and annual fee

SBI simply click credit card annual fee. These charges are subject to change with or without any prior notice and sole discretion to credit card issuance company.

Joining Fee – Joining fee is a one-time joining fee of Rs. 499 plus taxes.

Annual Fee/ Renewals Fee – Rs. 499 plus applicable taxes is annual fee for SBI Simply CLICK credit card. Again annual fee is reversable but this is subject to annual spend done in last year.

Spend Based Waiver – Renewal Fee is Waived on Spends of Rs. 1 Lakh in a card Anniversary Year

Rewards Redemption Fee- Rs. 99

Foreign Currency Markup – 2%

Interest Rate- 3.50% Monthly (42% Annually)

Fuel Surcharge – 1% fuel surcharge will not be charged on transaction amount Rs 500/- to Rs. 3000/-

Cash Advance Charges – 2.5% OR Rs. 500/- Whichever is higher. Add-on Card Fee – Nil

SBI Simply Click credit card Apply Now

3. SBI Simply CLICK Credit Card Benefits and Features

SBI Simply Click Credit card offers lots of benefits such as reward points, fuel surcharge waiver and annual fee waiver.

Welcome Benefits / Activation Benefits:

Simply Click SBI Card offers Log-in Gift offer where card holder get gift card worth Rs. 500 on payment of annual fee of Rs. 499+applicable taxes.

All eligible SimplyCLICK SBI cardholders will be issued an Amazon (Redeemable on or its mobile application) voucher worth Rs.500. Voucher Code will be sent on customer’s registered mobile number within 30 days from payment of membership fee of Rs.499.

For the purposes of this Offer, an eligible year is defined as the year in which the fee is paid for by the Cardholder. this is termed as anniversary years. for example: In case a card account is opened on 1st June 2024, the period for the eligible year would be 1st June 2024 to 31st May 2015.

Validity of Gift Vouchers will be for 12 months from the date of adding the Voucher to Amazon Pay. Voucher cannot be redeemed in parts or redeemed for cash under any circumstances

Milestone Benefits:

SBI Simply click credit card offers e-Vouchers worth  Rs. 2,000 each on reaching annual online spends of 1 Lakh and 2 Lakh respectively as milestone benefits. There e-vouchers are issued from SBI card exclusive partners Cleartrip and Yatra. e-Voucher details will be sent via SMS on registered mobile number

Earn 1 reward point per Rs.100 on all other spends

Dinning Benefits:

SBI Simply Click Credit card offers 10X Reward Points for online purchase made on Swiggy app. transactions done on swiggy app using Simply CLICK SBI Card will reward card holder with 10X reward points.

E-Shopping Rewards Benefits

Simply Click SBI Card give an opportunity to earn 10X Reward Points on online spends with exclusive partners: Apollo 24×7/BookMyShow/ Cleartrip/ Dominos/ Myntra/ Netmeds/ Swiggy/ Yatra.

10X Reward Points are applicable only when payment is done in INR (Indian Rupee) using SimplyCLICK SBI Card.

SBI Simple click credit card give opportunity to earn 5X Reward Points on all other online spends.

Transactions done on Partner brands using SimplyCLICK SBI Card will accruing 10X Reward Points. however 5X Reward Points are applicable for all online spends made other than on exclusive partner brands and will be capped at 10,000 Reward Points per calendar month. Post that, every Rs.100 spent will accrue 1 Reward Point.

SBI simply click credit card lounge access:

Simply CLICK SBI Card by designed do not offer domestic and international lounge access. For domestic and international lounge access benefits please read our latest article on best credit card for lounge access India. We are in process to publish our new blog on best credit cards for international lounge access and lounge access in india. at the same time we are searching to write a new blog on best credit cards for lounge access no fee. we have already shared blogs HDFC Bank biz black metal credit card and HDFC Bank biz power credit card, which offers domestic and international lounge access free of cost or at nominal price.

Concierge Services Benefits

Simply Click SBI Credit card is entry level shopping credit card. Concierge services are offered with super premium credit card therefore concierge service benefit is not available with Simply Click SBI Card.

Golf Games Benefits

Golf Games Benefits are offered with super premium credit cards. SBI Simply Click Credit Card do not participate in Gold Games benefit program.

HDFC Bank offers Golf Games Access Benefit with HDFC Bank Biz Black Metal edition credit card. For Details on Golf Games Benefits Please visit our blog on HDFC Bank Biz Black Metal Edition Credit Card.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver Benefit

Simply Click SBI credit card give 1% fuel surcharge waiver of every fuel transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 (exclusive of GST , wherever applicable & all other charges ) to the cardholder. Card holder is entitled for waiver of maximum of Rs. One hundred per month.

Maximum surcharge waiver of Rs 100 per statement cycle, per credit card account.

Renewal Fee Waiver Benefits

Simply Click SBI Card Offers Annual fee or Renewal Fee waiver of full annual fees off if you spend Rs 1 Lakh and more in the previous year.

Additional Benefits

Simply Click card offers Balance transfer on EMI. This credit card gives of offer to save money while paying your credit card dues. This card allows you to transfer the outstanding balances of other banks credit to your Simply Click SBI Card on lower rate of interest and you can pay it back in EMI.

SBI simply click card offers flexipay option. Flexipay options allows card holder to convert his transaction in easy monthly instalments. Credit card holder can convert any purchase made for Rs 2500 and above using simply click credit card into EMI. Click here to learn how to apply for flexipay.

This credit card comes with contactless payment advantage. Contactless advantage features give you freedom from handing over your credit card to someone. You can use your credit card by just waving at secure reader to transact. This feature makes the usage of card easy, fast, and convenient. Maximum payment of Rs 5,000 allowed per contactless transaction

Simply click credit card from SBI Card is world wide accepted. You can use this card in over 24 million outlets across the globe. This includes 325000 outlets in India. Card holder can make payments at any outlets that accept VISA or MasterCard.

SBI Simply click credit card allows you to withdraw cash from over 1 million VISA or Mastercard ATMs across the globe.

SimplyCLICK SBI Card allow you to empower your family with add-on cards for your parents, spouse, children or siblings above the age of 18 without any add on fee.

SBI Simply click credit card Apply Now

4. Simply CLICK SBI Credit Card Rewards

You can earn 1 reward point per on every Rs. 100 that you spend using Simply click SBI Card.

Card holder can use reward points to pay the outstanding balance of your credit card or you can redeem earned reward points against a wide array of gift. You can choose your gift from our reward catalogue, please click here to browse reward catalogue.

importantly 4 Reward Points are considered equal to Rs. 1. (4 Reward Points = Rs. 1)

Simply Click SBI Card offer 10X reward points as additional benefits where you enjoy 10 Reward Points per Rs 150 spent on SBI Card exclusive partners.

5. SBI Simply CLICK Credit Card Review & Summary

Simply click SBI Credit Card is a good entry level credit card which come with affordable joining fee. spend base waiver of annual / renewal fee is also a good feature of this card. moreover this credit card is a best fit for people who love to do online shopping. moreover if you shop more on SBI Cards exclusive partners Apollo 24×7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Dominos, Myntra, Netmeds, Swiggy and Yatra your will earn more reward points and save more.

Minimum one domestic lounge access in a quarter must have completed this card for a first time credit card holder.

SBI Simply click credit card interest rate

The interest free credit period ranges from 20 days to 50 days. This is subject to submission of claims by merchant. However, Interest free credit period is suspended if any balance of the previous month’s bill is outstanding.

Finance Charges on Outstanding amount of previous month should be cleared. Avail finance charges of 3.50% on a monthly basis (42% per annum on all transactions).

SBI simply click credit card customer care:

Contact Centre: For more information and help, please call SBI’s 24X7 helpline number i.e. 1800-11-2211 (toll-free), 1800-425-3800 (toll-free) or 080-26599990. Toll free numbers are accessible from all landlines and mobile phones in the country

SBI simply click vs simply save

SBI Simply save credit card and SBI Simply click credit card are distinct credit cards that offer various features and benefits to their cardholders, making them appropriate for their spending habits and preferences.

Simply save SBI card is best suited to you if if you frequently dine out, watch movies, shop at departmental stores, or buy groceries. it offers 10X rewards on these categories, which can help to significant savings if you frequently spend in these categories.

Simply CLICK SBI card is best suited to you If you make a lot of online purchases. It offers 10X rewards on exclusive partner spends and 5X rewards on all other online spends, which can help to significant save more money if you make a lot of online purchases. 

Apply Now

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Disclaimer: This blog is published for convince of website users and support financial literacy for education purpose on best effort basis. Information published here are subject to change/modification as and when credit card issuing entity decide to change. Issuance of credit card, change/modification in Fees, Charges, Terms and conditions, Benefits, and feature are sole discretion of Card issuing entity/SBI Card.  Please visit credit card issuing entity official website or nearest branch before applying for credit card. The Blog author and are not responsible for any change made by credit card issuer.

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