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1. Don’t fall sick !!!

You might be in perfect condition right now but just like the stock market, life is volatile.

God forbid you could get into an accident, develop a deadly disease or anything else for that matter.

Even if you have health insurance, the premiums can be expensive. Let’s see how you can save money on your insurance plan.

2. Discounts

Nowadays, you can scour through the internet to find the perfect health insurance plan for you.

Its important that while looking for your plan, you also look for any possible discount.

If your plan doesn’t offer a discount, call the company and try to convince them to give you a discount. You can at least try and get closure.

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3. Employer

You can save by using the health insurance plan that you employer provides you. They are usually provided fee of cost. If it’s not free, it will definitely be cheaper than a private plan.

Group health insurance plan also cover your spouse and children; thus, they stay protected too and you don’t have to worry about paying high premiums.

4. Start Early

The older you get, the more dark stuff you see in your life. Well, that was true but it had no relevance. Sorry.

The older you get, the more health problems you have and so the chances of you claiming insurance get higher. thus, companies charge higher premiums to mitigate their risk.

If you buy a plan early on, you can save on premiums and have fun.

5. Top-up

No, not the top-up to talk to your partner for long hours late at night. Save that money and get a top-up on your health insurance plan.

If you are already covered by your employer and want a higher sum insured, don’t get an additional policy.

Instead, you can get a top-up on your existing policy, get a higher sum insured and skip paying massive premiums. P.S. Ask your employer about this.

6. Floater Policy

Do you guys remember that Paragon floater hitting your face when you didn’t show your report card on time? Good times.

Anyways, get a floater policy which covers not just you but all your dependents like spouse, children, and parents.

One insurance cover and one single premium for the entire family.

7. Do Healthy Stuff

Instead of posting stories of Pizzas, maybe stick to the healthy stuff once in a while.

Quitting smoking, drinking, having a good Body Mass Index, and so on will lead to fewer hospital visits in the future and save you money.

Insurers give rebates to people who have never been hospitalised or don’t smoke.

8. Get a health insurance

Trying to save money on your health insurance plan is important but it’s even more crucial to have one.

So, give us a call on +919672572111 or write to us and find the perfect health insurance plan for you.

In dire circumstances, worrying about money will only add to your problems.

Disclaimer: We are promoting financial literacy in India. The content published is purely for educational and general information purpose. We are not a SEBI registered financial advisor. Hence, we are not providing financial and investment advisory services.

You are and will be solely responsible for your own money and decisions you take. Please consult a SEBI registered advisor for any kind of investment / financial advice.

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